We are so proud of the reputation that Smart Repairs has gained as a contractor that shows up on-time, works diligently to complete the work, takes pride in a job well done and keeps the work site neat and tidy.


But don't just take our word for it.  Here are some things our clients say:


On Time and Professional

Thank you so much for your excellent work- finishing my home office. I am so pleased with the way it turned out!


I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your professionalism. In particular, I really appreciate the way you always showed up when you said you would, announced your presence, and did the work you told me you would do. I was also impressed with the way you and your workers would clean up the worksite every day before you left. Your quality of work is excellent. Every person I've had visit my office has told me how great it looks and how envious they are of my workspace! I also appreciate your sticking to our budget, and your willingness and cooperation in making changes when asked, particularly the minimal increase in your estimate due to the extra labor needed to install the flooring I had chosen.


I want you to know that if I had this project to do over, I would absolutely call on you again. In fact, I would be sure to have you involved from the very first steps in planning the project. I would highly recommend you to anyone needing home repair and remodeling services.

 - Sandra Norman

Fun and Enjoyable to Work With

I am a homeowner in Hendersonville, NC, and have used Monty Shelton and Smart Repairs to make home improvements on several occasions.  I have found him dependable, punctual, efficient, and honest.  He has stayed true to his estimates, done excellent work, and has been an enjoyable presence.


I have been a homeowner for over 30 years, and so have had occasion to work with quite a few home repair professionals.  Unfortunately, most of the time I have been disappointed; but this has never been the case with Monty.  With an older, rambling home such as mine, you never know what you will find once you get started.  When surprises would occur, Monty would fully explain, in language a layman can understand, what problems he had encountered and what the various options were.  He seems well aware of his clients’ budgetary constraints and looks for the most efficient and economically feasible approach.  I would recommend Monty Shelton and Smart Repairs without hesitation.

 - Clarke Poole

Prompt and Responsive

Roof repair, raised awning and put in new exterior columns, fixed hanging lamp fixture, put in dimmer switch, repaired exposed tape from wall from previous contractor.  All work was excellent except for a job they knew they couldn't repair perfectly at the price we were willing to pay because of poor work from a previous contractor.  They were clear about that up front.


Prompt and responsive.  Monty and Jim are a good team.  They made good suggestions and will come back to do more work for us.  Make sure you have enough time for Monty since he's a good conversationalist and likes to explain all the intricacies of the job to be done.

 - Mary Jo Amani

They Get The Job Done

We had some rather extensive rot / water damage to a soffit and fascia. Also, our kitchen door was no longer square in the frame due to the house somehow "settling" over the past 65 years...go figure!


These guys were actually enthusiastically referred by a roofer who had worked with them in the past and was impressed with their commitment to getting the job done right. As soon as I spoke with Monty on the phone, I knew these were the right guys for the job. After a 20 minute conversation, we agreed that Monty would have his guy (Jim) at our place by 9:00 a.m. the NEXT day. You could have set your watch by this guy. He hit the ground running, surveyed the damage and got busy. He worked relentlessly (taking NO breaks) until the task was complete. As he was cleaning up and loading his tools back in the truck, I spotted an area on the opposite side of the porch that I had previously overlooked. When I pointed it out to Jim, he immediately went to work with the same level of enthusiasm and diligence that he had previously shown... and, for a nominal fee, repairs were completed in a relatively short period of time.


If all businesses were as committed to customer satisfaction and excellence as these guys, there would be no need for Angie's List. I have owned multiple businesses. The ONLY thing it takes to be truly successful in business is to provide better service than is expected, and do it for a reasonable fee. These guys excel at both. Before you make a half dozen calls and begin the sorting out process... do yourself a favor and make ONE call to Smart Repairs. You will NOT be disappointed!

 - Mark Maness